Cozy Up!

Cozy Up is about spreading the word about how an amazing natural fiber – wool, grown on sheep farms here in the northeastern US – is the ideal batting fiber on which to rest your head and your body.

When you see the Cozy Up label, you will know that the product was made using an ideal wool batting fiber from sheep raised in the northeast.  Before cheap synthetic fibers began to dominate bedding and upholstery, wool was frequently used as batting.  Now farms are paid very low prices for wool. The Cozy Up label was created with support from Greenfleece Fiber Mill and the National Sheep Industry Improvement Center to reintroduce wool batting and create a new market for wool to help farms get better value for their wool.

Cozy Up! Partners

Hollow Road Farm
Stuyvesant, NY

Kyle Farm
Avon, NY

Hear some of the stories from the farms and businesses behind Cozy Up:

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Why wool batting?

Wool batting is the perfect fiber for your comfort. Used in mattresses, pillows, pads, comforters, upholstery and many other products wool batting has amazing qualities.

Did you know?

  • Wool batting keeps you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold. How? Wool breathes. It draws humidity away from you in warm weather instead of trapping it against your body as synthetics can. In cold weather wool is the excellent insulator we all know!
  • Wool batting has NO fire retardants. It doesn’t need them. Wool is composed of natural protein and resists burning in flame tests.
  • Wool batting provides excellent even support for your body. Wool batting is combed (in a process called carding) to provide uniform support and wool fibers
    resist flexing repeatedly for many years.
  • Wool bedding last a very long time. When properly cared for wool can last many decades and will not breakdown over time unlike some synthetic fibers that can break down and create dust.
  • Wool batting is a natural and renewable product. Wool comes from sheep, who must be shorn regularly to be healthy (otherwise it keeps going longer like people hair).
  • Cozy Up wool batting is local. It comes from Northeastern farms that use best management practices such as Kyle Farm in Avon, NY who graze their sheep sustainably on Genesee Land Conservancy lands (link). Cozy Up batting is manufactured here in the northeast as well.  See the Cozy Up partners below.
  • Wool batting is naturally biodegradable and recyclable. You can compost wool with an appropriate mix of other materials or it can be recycled to make more wool batting. (How do you beat that?!)