Learn To Garden At The Master Gardeners Program

Gardening tools and plants

Gardening is a great hobby that can be relaxing and enriching, both for the gardener and the gardener’s home. Landscaping is one of the best ways to increase a home’s value, and building a garden or tending to flowers is a great way to start a landscaping project.

But not everyone knows all the tools and knowledge of the trade, and gardening is more complicated than one would expect. It requires an in-depth knowledge of soils and plants, like that topsoil, which is the uppermost layer of soil (around two and eight inches thick), is key to gardening. The right topsoil can mean the difference between a garden that flourishes and one that flounders.

So where does one learn this information? If they’re in select locations across the nation, they can learn from master gardeners at gardening classes.

These classes are being hosted in a variety of cities and states, with two of the more broadcasted ones being hosted in Sterling, Connecticut and Parkersburg, West Virginia. And thus far they have been a wild success for those that attended.

“The Master Gardener Program is a great way to enhance your gardening knowledge not only for personal use, but also to enable a person to assist their community through Master Gardener programs and efforts,” said Tony Playtis, president of the Wood County Extension Master Gardeners in West Virginia.

The Wood County Extension Master Gardeners are the ones that are sponsoring the annual training course, which starts in September. It is a 10-week long training course that costs $100, which is used to cover the cost of speakers and gets those that attend a copy of the West Virginia Extension Master Gardener’s Manual.

The course covers topics like botany, plant identification, soil fertility and nutrient management, and how to deal with insects and plant disease.

”Master Gardeners is a great program to connect members of the community,” Wood County Agricultural Extension Agent J.J. Barrett said. ”The goal of the Master Gardening program is to enhance and supplement consumer horticulture programs of the WVU Extension Service.”

The program is run by volunteers that are trained in small-scale food production and gardening through the Master Gardeners training courses. These volunteers then reach out and share their knowledge to help their community.

While this particular class is only offered in select cities, similar gardening classes are becoming extremely popular. As Americans become more eco-conscious, community gardening classes are helping people go green.

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